Walker Bible Baptist Church 400 E Frederick Ave. Lansing, MI. 48906 A breath of fresh air preaching from the King James Bible.
Walker Bible Baptist Church400 E Frederick Ave.Lansing, MI. 48906 A breath of fresh air preaching from the King James Bible.

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Psalm 21:7

Trust and Remember.

Chariots of iron or wood are made by the hands of men.  Trusting in these earthly, lifeless things will only cause misery, disappointment, and fatigue.  Flat tires stop the individual from moving in any direction.  Broken spokes of the wheel produce broken hopes and dreams. A shattered axle rod shatters anyone’s desires with empty pockets because of the enormous cost to repair.

Horses with their raw power, friendliness, and beauty grow old and weak over time.  These creatures of God can only pull and carry, not really helping anyone through the hardships and troubles of life.  Horses cost gigantic sums of resources creating huge stress and strain. With their great strength, much can be moved only in a temporary time.  The beauty of the horse is gone with the death of the horse.

But God is rich in abundant resource, strength, power, wisdom, and ETERNAL Life.  In our verse, we will remember the name of the Lord our God.  Within God’s name is Plenteous Provision, Powerful Proof, and Pure Perfection.  Within the name of God is the very fact that the One True God cares for the child of God.  The believer is provided sustenance forever, whether it be manna on earth or In Heaven.  This eternal, abundant provision is brought to the saved one by God through Angels or Ravens, possibly through rocks or by trees.  Within the name of God is Proof of His Power!  God Almighty proves himself everyday with the rising of the Sun, the air needed by every living creature on the earth, and the life within each individual, whether living on earth, in Heaven, or in Hell.  God gives breath, life, and existence.  Remember God’s Holy Name!!

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